The fabled Nocturnal success story was undoubtedly earned. The journey began with 1000+ guest house parties in the early days dating back to the early 2000's. That rapidly progressed into bar and club promotions and further grew to large scale concert production and developing & managing bar-centric hospitality concepts. In the last eight years we have brought numerous entertainers and celebrities to Tampa and the surrounding areas. Renown artists ranging from Avicii to Nelly.

Using the vast and well rounded experience, Anderson and Pescante have shifted the company's directive to owning and managing hospitality concepts. Franklin Manor paved the way for Osteria Bar + Kitchen and Mole Y Abuela with celebrity chef Fabio Viviani. Follow our story on Instagram

David Anderson

Founder/Managing Partner

David Anderson is one of two operating owners and managing partner of the group. Mr. Anderson has fifteen years’ of experience hosting, promoting and producing successful events and weekly night life related promotions. Anderson at age 37 has worked in over forty restaurants & nightclubs in multiple positions. Currently, the marketing mastermind mind of NHG, David stands ideally placed to run and manage any venue while maintaining a focus on PR directive. He and long time friend and partner Mr. Pescante have produced events with artists ranging from Nelly to Avicii in accordance with upholding profitable day to day venue operations.

Lanfranco Pescante

Founder/Managing Partner

Lanfranco Pescante serves as one of the two owners and managing partners of the group. Mr. Pescante at only age 32 has a vast Nightclub and restaurant hospitality background stemming all the way back to his childhood in Italy. Starting as a dishwasher and working all the way up from nothing, Lanfranco created with his long time best friend David the company that revolutionized events in central Florida and produced countless events with artists ranging from Nelly to Avicii in accordance with upholding profitable day to day venue operations. Lanfranco has been an irreplaceable mainstay of the group, his people skills and ability to manage is second to none. He excels in the financial and operations side of the business and is an ideal figure head of the company. Mr. Pescante currently holds a BA degree in entertainment & sports/event management from the University of Tampa.

Fabio Viviani

Celebrity Chef & Partner

Fabio is perhaps best known for his appearance on season 5 of Bravo's hit reality series Top Chef in 2008, earning the "Fan Favorite" title. Viviani returned to Bravo in 2010 to compete in their Top Chef All Stars edition and a spinoff culinary reality show, Life After Top Chef. His on screen appearances have propelled him to become one of the fastest growing household names in the country. A gregarious host and entertaining guest, Viviani has appeared in a number of television cooking segments and is a recurring guest on television shows such as Good Morning America, The Talk, The Chew, Ellen, Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, and he hosts a regular spot on QVC channel with various kitchen appliances and products. Recently, Viviani has also been a reoccurring guest host on the new Hallmark Channel series Home and Family.

Lou Dommer III

CFO / Partner

Diana Homan

Director of Private Events & Sales

Beverly Smoak

Director of Finance and Accounting

Summer-Rae Tomlinson

Executive Assistant

Chris Anderson

Facilities Manager

Kevin Walisch

Office Manager